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Urban Battle Tutoring and Mentoring Program

Urban Battle Tutoring Program is an academic tutoring program for children in grades 1-12. This program is free of charge to any child who has the desire to learn. It is designed to help children who are behind academically, socially and maybe have poor attitudes. The program tries to deal with all three of these problems simultaneously, while placing major emphasis on academics. Our program tries to build the individual child’s self confidence and instill in them the belief that they have value. 

This program functioned for the first few years meeting once per week. Nine years ago, we expanded it to a program that met twice per week. Currently we have seventeen tutors helping with the program and they are all unpaid volunteers. On any given day, we have between 25 to 50 children enrolled. Presently, the program meets from 6:30 to 8:30pm on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Both are held at the Berean Church which is located at 441 Rice Street in St. Paul, Minnesota 55103.

How do we make a difference?

  • Offer a safe environment and a support framework for learning all year round.
  • Provide learning opportunities to gain the skills, knowledge and abilitities needed to be successful.
  • Supply meals before class begins.
  • School related supplies and support such as:
    • Backpacks filled with school supplies at the beginning of the school year
    • School supplies throughout the year
    • Expenses for approved school activities
    • College scholarships and application help.

Program Goals:

  1. To learn academics, reading, math, art, writing, public speaking, ect.
  2. To show children that someone cares for them and that they matter.
  3. To teach children the importance of discipline.
  4. To bolster the children’s self-esteem.
  5. To bring them up to grade-level.
  6. To help children develop a healthy positive attitude towards learning and life.
  7. To teach the children the importance of setting goals.

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When the children arrive at 6.30 pm, we serve them a well balanced meal during which time they can socialize with the tutors and other children.  At 7:00 pm we break up into small groups with the tutors and work on homework or other basic academic skills.  When 8:15 arrives we all join together in a group discussion which can cover various topics from history to current events or presentations made by the children themselves.  The program ends at 8.30 pm. The program meets every Monday and Tuesday evening all year long, and it is cancelled during the holidays.

Everyone involved in our program is deeply committed to helping the children succeed.

Contact Phone Numbers: Bob Kohl @ 651-483-5246 or Dr. Geeta Vora @ 763-780-8837


Our mission is to make a positive impact on the community by improving the ability of our children/youth in low-income communities to do math, read, write and communicate effectively in English, allowing them to graduate HS prepared for college or vocation. We are focused on offering our youth a safe environment, education, real time mentoring and a support framework for learning year round.


Bob Kohl:

The program director and best known volunteer is Bob Kohl. Bob has been with the program for about 13 years. His spirit is best described by the quote of poet Edward Everett Hale:

“I am only one,
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something.
And because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do SOMETHING.”

In the last 13 years, Bob has been the perfect example of a giving life that's making a difference. His generosity funds the Urban Battle's Tutoring/Mentoring programs which is one of the Vora S.E.R.V.I.C.E programs. His selfless involvement shines a beacon of light on the lives of the kids through inspiring and supporting their dreams.


Urban Battle Program in Action: