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Giving KASH...The Emergence of the Coffee Bean



In today’s world the most valuable tool we can provide disadvantaged young people is teaching non-cognitive skills that determine character.

Our Giving KASH program focuses on building a foundation of learning based on character traits such as patience, persistence, self-discipline, positivity, attendance, work habits, time management, and problem-solving skills that help children successfully manage academic and social demands.

These character strengths define the core of “Outcome based decision making” to improve ability to:

  • Follow instructions
  • Think critically
  • Become accountable for actions
  • Delay immediate gratification for future rewards
  • Give back and make a difference


The Foundation of Character

Without mentoring or parental guidance, children from low-income families and inner cities may never have the opportunity to develop non-cognitive skills that build character. Studies show:

  • The key differentiator for success is not class, race or poverty but it is poor non-cognitive skill or poor character development. The beauty is that these skills are teachable and not innate.
  • Schools and other youth programs do not currently spend the necessary amount of time teaching non-cognitive skills due to time and strict curriculum restraints.
  • These skills make an impact on academic, social and workforce success on all youth regardless of age.


Are You a Coffee Bean?

KASH stands for Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habits. Giving KASH is the motivational way we approach developing character traits in our youth. Changing habits takes buy-in and the Coffee Bean (from the carrot, the egg, and the coffee bean story) represents program buy-in, replication, and self accountability.

Kids not only decide they want to become a Coffee Bean, but they are also inspired to do the work it takes to acquire the character values of the Coffee Bean. Living by the prerequisites needed to become a Coffee Bean helps them achieve what they want to achieve.

It is based on the Success Principle of Jack Canfield (Event + Response = Outcome) which teaches youth how to manage failure without quitting.


Take a look at our gallery of KASH in action