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fast_forwardEscape Velocity

When Newton wanted people to understand the concept of gravity, he told them that if you fire a cannonball from the top of the highest mountain in the world, it might travel a long way, but it will eventually fall to earth because of the power of gravity. The faster you shoot the cannonball, the further it would travel, before falling to the earth.

However, if you shoot the cannonball with enough velocity (fast enough), it would eventually escape the Earth’s gravitational pull and go into orbit and sustain itself.

The question is, “What does it take to achieve ESCAPE VELOCITY?”

If the gravity of a community and home filled with stress and adversity continues to pull our children in the wrong direction, then our programs that reach the underprivileged, have to teach them non-cognitive skills that will provide the momentum to reach orbit and self sustainability without falling back down to the values and performance level of the community.

Escape velocity is that point where our youth have the skills to take-off and grow exponentially; they can escape the cycle of poverty by virtue of their own abilities and without additional supports.