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Coffee Bean Prerequisites

If you want to take Algebra/Calculus, for example, you have to take the prerequisites. They are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. Unless you take these courses, you are not able to Algebra/Calculus because you do not have the foundation necessary to continue.

Similarly, to be a coffee bean, there are prerequisites. Prerequisites are metacognitive substitutes for willpower. Prerequisites provide structure and prepare youth for encounters with tempting stimuli that cause painful internal conflict. By having predetermined rules, the youth can sidestep the temptation completely.

They are not rules! They are agreed upon prerequisites that teach and challenge kids with outcome based decision making.

Be a Coffee Bean

  • You are born with everything you need. You have all the potential you need. You were a winner before you were born.
  • No excuses about deficiencies. Have “Can Do” attitude.
  • Strong desire and passion.
  • Make the decision to work hard.
  • You do not quit. You do not fail in life, you only produce results or outcomes. You have the right to learn and grow from any results.
  • Belief. You have to believe very strongly that you are born equipped with everything that you need to live the life you want. You were created to excel.