Reaching Out...

to Make a Difference.

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Vora S.E.R.V.I.C.E is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching kids from low-income families important non-cognitive skills and learning systems that improve reading, writing, mathematics and comunicate effectively in English.

Non-cognitive skills create a foundation of learning based on character traits, patience, persistence, self-discipline, positivity, attendance, work habits, time management, strategy and problem-solving, that allow children to successfully manage academic and social demands.


To eradicate poverty on a global scale by helping people become masters of their own wealth and achievement through education and entrepreneurship, and by researching and teaching advanced mindset, strategies, skills and systems that produce real-world results in a forum designed to provide educational access to as many people as possible(regardless of situation or circumstances). We believe that all people should have the opportunity to create the wealth and fulfillment they most desire and truly deserve.

Our Core Teaching Principles

Behavioral Boundaries: Partnering with students to develop an agreed upon set of acceptable behaviors, rules, and participation.

Actionable Goals: Teaching the importance of setting goals, visualizing outcomes, and taking small steps toward your goal.

Monitored Accountability: Being accountable for your actions, understanding consequences, and working together as a team to motivate action.

As mentors, our volunteer tutors are trained to inspire the children they work with to become life-long learners. The knowledge we provide easily adapts to the curriculum of schools and other community programs.